Attorney at law Miroslava Krasteva

Attorney at law Miroslava Krasteva

After completion of higher education in law, compulsory qualification examinations for specialization of Maritime law, compulsory judicial training and experience in the specialty, Miroslava Krasteva established her own lawyer’s office during the summer of year 2001.


Master’s degree in Law, Specialization : Maritime law
Member of Bar Association in Varna since 2001. For verification – Official list of Association members –

Trough the years she was working voluntarily in the VFU, Legal clinic to the same, with the assistance of Association “To protect the woman”, conducting her own rubric in popular internet forum consulting parents, also she is volunteer to “Complex of social services for children and families – Varna”. Toward present she works in independent law office, situated in the central part of Varna. Close to all court building of the town.

Our guiding principles are confidentiality, free communication and high professionalism.

Our ultimate goal is to build long term partnership with our clients. Therefore, while we provide our services we always give our best to protect your interests under the law. Your satisfaction means a lot to us. Thus, we believe that every client is unique and we take a different approach to each case. The amount of professionalism, that we are using however, is always the same and we consider the last as most important component of our high quality legal service.